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We currently stock all UNIBOARD melamine panels. Available in different thicknesses and lengths.  UNIBOARD panels are available in a extensive collection of colors, ranging from cool and neutral wood grains to exotic and linear designs. >>

DeRosa’s TFL palette offers over 120 colours in 11 finishes with matching PVC and laminate to match all TLF colours. To view sample at our warehouse or request samples. Please, don't hesitate to send us an email or give us a call today. 

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DeRosa and Sons offers a wide selection of laminated veneer panels, including import, domestic and exotic woods. All the veneers come in a variety of grades, cuts and patterns. Panels are available in a broad range of thicknesses and sizes.



Why stock perfectly matched PVC and Polyester Edge banding to all UNIBOARD colors

  • NON-Glued and pre-glued real wood veneer in stock
  • Polyester pre-glued and PVC tape available in stock
  • If we dont stock it, we can get it for you

Uniboard MDF

Uniboard MDF is produced using the latest in manufacturing technology. Whether your project calls for deep machining, painting, or any type of lamination, Uniboard MDF has become the industry benchmark for all types of applications. Superior surface quality, uniform density, precisely controlled thicknesses and sanding smoothness are just some of the qualities that set us apart.

Manufactured from softwoods and hardwoods, this renowned solid wood substitute is well suited to a range of applications, such as commercial and residential furniture, store fixtures, cabinets, millwork, molding and slotwall.

Uniboard MDF is available in Excel+®, Excel and Lite grades and can be ordered in the industry’s widest selection of dimensions and thicknesses.


Plum Creek MDF

We carry any thickness of PLUM CREEK MDF in stock

When it comes to value, what really counts is not how much the MDF costs – but how much it costs to use it. Not all MDF panels are alike, and may differ by wood species, fiber size, binders, density and consistency. All of these factors have a significant impact on key elements of your processing costs including:

  • Cutting tool life
  • Machine center throughput speed and amp load
  • Machined profile quality as it relates to the need for sanding, filling and other steps prior to finishing
  • Amount / thickness of coating or laminating material required for adequate coverage
  • Defect rates
  • Labor

The superior uniformity and overall panel integrity of Plum Creek MDF outperforms other MDF products by allowing our customers to move it through their process faster while achieving higher-quality results and lower production costs.


For specific information on how Plum Creek MDF can create value for you :please visit